Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stuffed peppers recipe?

ive read through some recipes already and i dont like the sounds of any of them. my moher makes it, but i think i could make a better dish, plus im only cooking for my hubby because im on a diet and eat my on thing. can anyone find something that sounds good?

Answer on Stuffed peppers recipe?

******************EASY STUFFED PEPPERS
4 bell peppers (any color)
1 box Rice-a-Roni, garden vegetable flavor
1 lb. hamburger
1 14 oz. can diced tomatoes

1. Prepare the Rice-a-Roni according to box directions.
2. Cook hamburger
3. Mix cooked hamburger with can of diced tomatoes and the cooked Rice-a-Roni.
4. Cut the tops off the bell peppers, and clean seeds and ribs from the insides.
5. Spoon the rice mixture into the bell peppers
6. Put aluminium foil on a cookie sheet (for easy clean up) and place the stuffed peppers on the tray.
7. Bake at 370F for 20 min.
Voila, you have stuffed peppers!

Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm interested in losing 5-7 pounds mainly in my legs, what are some weight loss pills that,?

don't have caffeine and are free from sideaffects ( such as upset stomach, nausea,etc.) when you stop taking them

Answer on I'm interested in losing 5-7 pounds mainly in my legs, what are some weight loss pills that,?

Weight loss pills are never a good idea, as they affect your metabolism big time and only make you lose weight as long as you take them. going shopping by foot and taking the stairs instead of the elevator might do the same job, just better.

Please help; New Macbook Air or White Macbook?

*PLEASE no suggestions for other Macbooks & PC Fanboys don't try to convince me not to get a Mac, thanks*

The New Macbook Air & White Macbook are the same price. I really like both but I don't know which one to get. Portability isn't really a necessity, but I really do like the Macbook Air's small size. I generally go on Twitter, YouTube etc. & do a lot of web browsing. I will use a lot of the features on both with the Mac OS software so that's not a problem. Which one should I get & WHY? Thanks :)

Answer on Please help; New Macbook Air or White Macbook?

go for the macbook air. the flash memory on it is very fast. my brother got the macbook and i just got the MacBook Air a week ago. the Air is almost always faster (it takes less than 15 seconds to turn on). the white MacBook feels very bulky, doesn't look nearly as nice and feels like a brick in comparison.

keep in mind that both computers do not have backlit keyboards. and the MacBook air does not have the slot for the kensington lock.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What should I wear when visiting the Vatican?

I'm leaving for Italy in about 2 weeks and I'm planning on visiting the Vatican. I'm a teenage girl, and I'm not really sure what to wear? Would I be okay wearing jeans and a jacket? Or is it necessary to wear a long skirt? I obviously will not be wearing shorts or a tank top since when I'm going it's supposed to be in the 50's or so.. but can someone help direct me in what is acceptable to wear? Thanks!

Answer on What should I wear when visiting the Vatican?

St Peter's has a very strict dress code that is enforced. Absolutely no shorts, no skirts above the knee's and no bare shoulders are permitted in either St. Peter's or the Vatican Museum. BTW, if you are showing to much skin, the guards have paper capes, similar to what you wear in a doctor's office, that they will have to you and insist you put it on as a cover!! You are correct that Tank Tops are Taboo.. Men may Not wear hats, but it is still a sing of respect for women to wear a scarf or small covering on their heads.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Is it illegal to post a profile picture of somebody else on your facebook?

I need a link to a site explaining copyright laws on random online photos.

My friend is pissing me off, he posted this picture of a little black baby on his facebook as his profile picture. All I can think of, is what if that kid's parents were surfing the web and found their baby's picture on some random 20 year old's facebook? It would creep me out. And, also, when I commented on it saying that he's flipping weird, his mom purposely responds "I like the choice, hunny!" And this all makes me more furious, cause I used to date the guy, and he always had this WEIRD relationship with his mom. Like, some Oedipus complexities to their relationship, man. And I guess this brings me to hate the fact that he has this poor little baby's face on his facebook. I mean, don't bring the random internet baby into your demented life, right?

Btw, I'm almost positive he found the picture on the web, like, google search. Is it illegal for him to "identify" himself as this kid?

Answer on Is it illegal to post a profile picture of somebody else on your facebook?

i don't think so

Thursday, April 5, 2012

How much should I have?

Okay I'm 17 180lb male 5"7 I'm trying to build muscle and muscle mass, but how much protein should I consume each day to do this I'm looking to gain quite a bit of size in about 6months with me working out for 5 days then a 2 day rest period I've just undergone a diet plan which I finished so I'm used to the excessive work I saw a question on here yesterday that read about these exercises he did this

push ups moderate-/30 minutes
statoinary bike vigorous/20 minutes
crunches moderate/30 minutes
weight lifting vigorous/30minutes

I'm thinking after about 2 months of doing this I would switch to doing the crunches and push ups vigorously. All that's left are these 3 questions,whats a good diet plan to build muscle,how often should i increase the amount i lift in weight I'm starting at 20 pounds each i'm using dumbells i was told to build the muscle first then use the bench,how much muscle max would make me look not too big but shows that i workout :) thank you.

Answer on How much should I have?

Around 100-150 grams per day.
With your weight you should probably add 40 minutes of cardio for at least 3-4 days in with your weight lifting.

Plus your workout plan is... I'm sorry but horribly unorganized.
Weight lifting ONE day a week is going to get you like NO results if you plan on gaining a lot of muscle. You should lift at leas 4 days a week if not 5. You will not get the results you want with this work out.

Weight lift for around 30-60 minutes a day then add 30-40 minutes of cardio (which ever you like) after you weight lift.

To build muscle you want to decrease the fat in your diet and increase protien. So make sure that all your dairy products are at LEAST reduced fat if not fat free and then make sure all meat you are eating is lean.

Increase the weight as you need it. You don't just increase weight after a certain amount of time. You will notice when the weight you are lifting is too little and then you can add around 5lbs or more untill you feel the normal burn again.


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Is designer stuff cheaper in Europe??

I'm going to Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands later this year, and I'm wondering, is it possible to get designer things (handbags, sunglasses, clothes, etc.) in their countries of origin (i.e. Armani in Italy...I think that's where it came from anyway)? I'm talking about Gucci, Prada, DG, Versace, really high-end designers like that....

Any Europeans out there, or visitors to the lovely continent?

Answer on Is designer stuff cheaper in Europe??

Perhaps you should visit a factory outlet center like the "Foxtown" in Southern Switzerland - here you'll find all designer things (perhaps of last year's collection) with great discounts.

And there are possibilites to find such articles on the web, perhaps in auctions like Ebay and others as many persons possess such items.